Mobile Portable Urinal Childrens Urinating Device



Happy Pee is a children's urinal that has an extendable body. Ideal for hospitals when wheelchair bound car journeys and other times when about and about in general. Children love using the Happy Pee urinal. This urinal for children is perfect for both boys and girls. Happy Pee childrens urinal has a leak proof lid to avoid those little accidents. As a toileting aid it is excellent to help with potty training The Happy Pee brings all the benefits of the Mobile Urinal portable urinal for adults except it is fun for kids to use.

    Portable children's urinal

    Fun bright and jolly design appeals to children

    Compact design folds down for easy storage in bags

    Ideal for long journeys in the car on the train or by plane traveling

    Ideal for potty training - a convenient and sanitary urinal for use anywhere

    The cute animal design provides a friendly face rather than a daunting medical impression

    Safe and secure with a leak-proof lid to avoid spillage

    Can be used in hospitals ideal for wheel chair users travel or just when out and about
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