8 Sets 2 or 3 Tier Cake Plate Stand Handle Fittings GOLD Plate Stands for Tea Shop Room Hotel



They are with beautiful & elegant design and also very practical. No matter you are having a simple quiet meal or entertaining guests they will  provide you a great way to display your tasty creations! They are the perfect complement to your dining table!
Dimensions: Plate stand: 11cm Rod/Tier (shoulder to shoulder) length 15mm thread length 2 big Metal washer: Ø1.4(OD) x Ø0.6(ID) x 0.05cm 1 big Metal washer: Ø1.5(OD) x Ø0.7(ID) x 0.05cm Foam washer: Ø1.6(OD) x Ø0.6(ID) x 0.1cm Screw: 0.5(OD) x 1.6 x 0.8cm Material: Plate stand Metal washer Screw : Metal Foam washer: Foam
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