Medium - Ice Traction Universal Slip-on Stretch fit Snow & Ice Spikes (Grips, Crampons, Cleats) - 10 studs - Medium



No more slipping or falling on ice with these. They are very easy to use small and light to take with you wherever you go. They are simple to place over your shoes and give traction on slippery surfaces like snow or ice. Lightweight rubber holds ice shoes /grips securely in place. They are easy to put on no hassle with buckles or straps. Larger sizes are required if wearing over winter footwear. Get a grip on ice and snow with the traction footgear you just slip on then go! 10-Stud Superior Quality Ice & Snow stretch fit slip-on crampons. Ultra durable they are extra resistant to cold and rinse clean under the tap or hose. Ultra light and highly elastic they fit over most any shoes or boots. No cumbersome straps laces or fasteners to trip you up. Crafted of a rugged thermoplastic with ground-gripping steel studs these stretch-on second soles make winter walks and hikes safer and easier.
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