Professional Sewing set with 143 parts - scissors, seam ripper, sewing machine needles etc.



High quality sewing - accessories 143 parts

Universal scissors 20 cm made of high quality scissors stainless steel sharpened for precise cutting of all materials
Thread Scissors 12 cm for the little sewing
30 sewing needles in different sizes nickel free
2 needle threader to thread the sewing thread in the needle's eye
1 thimble stainless metal nickel free
1 Cutter - tape measure 150 cm width 16 mm vertically and horizontally to read
1 Cutter - labeled wheel for exact copying of patterns
1 cutters - Marking pen - crayon with brush
1 seam ripper for easy separation of seams
5 seemed sewing needle " jeans " with flat pistons different strengths
5 seemed sewing needle " Universal" with flat pistons different strengths
70 Pearlised colored pins length 32 mm nickel free 12 safety pins in various sizes nickel free
10 pair of push buttons black in various sizes nickel free
2 pairs of jeans buttons metal silver and bronze nickel-free
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