20 Bags Variety Pack of Storage Saving Space Clothes Bags - Small to Large (6 sizes) -Vacuum Storage Bag



Easy to use simply place items for storage into the bag seal using the special zip mechanism and vacuum the air out and your storage problems are solved.

These Vacuum Storage Bags can be used with ANY standard vacuum cleaner with hand held attachments. The bags can be Re-Used time and time again.
They are ideal for the storage of winter/summer clothes when out of season as well as for the storage of bedding when not in use and for travelling or moving house.

It is made from durable ultra tough strengthened plastic for extended life!

Reduce volume of your items by up to 75%
Ideal for duvets pillows winter/summer clothes curtains and much more
Easy to store in the attic/loft on top of wardrobe under bed garage or suitcases
Re-use many times simply undo let air out and start over again
Compatible with any standard vacuum cleaner
Bag sizes: 2 x 130 x 90cm
2 x 105 x 70cm (hanging style for wardrobe)
5 x 100 x 70cm
3 x 80 x 60cm
3 x 70 x 50cm
5 x 60 x 50cm (standard storage bags/ not vacuum sealable)
Package contains 20 Large of these high quality Storage Vacuum bags.

Please note the smallest 3 pack of 40 x 30cm bags do not vacuum seal these are standard zip fasten bags for small items.
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