Combination Package Ovulation/Fertility 25 Test Strips and 5 Pregnancy Tests Pack



Ovulation Tests Strips:
High quality and exceptional price - performance ratio combines: Sensitivity: 20 miu / ml results in 5 minutes.
The shelf life is 18 months. Shipped in a neutral packaging - your purchase remains hidden from all prying eyes.

Simple Reliable and Accurate

CE approved

99.9% Accurate

Ovulation Ultra Early Tests at 20 mIU/mL

25 Ovulation Tests
Pregnancy Test Strips:

Simple Reliable and Accurate

Pregnancy tests HIGH 10mlU/mL sensitivity.

99.98% Accurate and CE and FDA Marked for sale all over the world

These test are used by the NHS

5 Pregnancy Tests
Easy handling there are no medical knowledge is required. All tests are individually boxed a detailed description is illustrated.
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