24 Colours Non-Toxic Temporary Hair Colour Chalk Dye - Soft Pastels Salon Kit



Chalk one up for style this latest craze has us bursting with colour!
These non-toxic temporary hair chalks last 1-2 days maximum Each chalk stick measures approx. 65mm   Multi use mix colour pack of chalk pastels that can be used as artist chalks or for temporary hair colouring the latest trend !!! So do you have a Big Party coming Or do you just want to change your look They are great value and these artist chalks are the perfect way to start getting creative with your hair!   Step 1: Use rubber gloves and wear an old shirt during the dyeing process and choose the colour your want to use   Step 2: This technique works on any length or depth of base hair colour. Spray the hair down with water first as this will allow the colour to show through with greater intensity. Use your imagination...deeper colours on the mid lengths fading to lighter ends creates a VERY cool result.    Step 3: Once the hair is completely dry seal the colour in with a curling iron straighteners or hold hair momentarily in the difuser cup of your hairdryer.  
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