12x Ring hooks for shower curtain | Set of 12 Polished Chrome Roller Shower Curtain Ring Hooks Hangers



Shower Curtain Rings
100% stainless steel which does not rust
Corrosion-free polished for a great look
The shower curtain hooks / hanger rings are chromed polished with a beautiful silver-plated finish. They are sleek and elegant for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Quantity: 12 pieces
Dimensions: 69 x 39mm
The rod can be up to 28.5mm of diameter.
Sliding - No snagging no effort no stress - 5 balls in silver for  a smooth movement.
Polished for a great look
Corrosion-free chrome 
This shower curtain rings are perfectly designed so that the shower curtain can glide effortlessly over the bar.
Extends the life of your shower curtain and makes the curtain easy to fix.
Content: 12 rings for shower curtain - made of stainless steel
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