8 x Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S4 Protector



8 x Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S4

The perfect protection for your Samsung Galaxy S4 S4 through the screen protector - almost invisible manufactured in Germany.
Especially handy is the Galaxy S 4 film for mobile phones with a high-resolution display like the Galaxy S IV

The Galaxy S4 protector is suitable who want an invisible film on your Samsung S4 display for those.
The special feature of this Galaxy S4 Screen Protector is the faithful reproduction of colors and razor-sharp writings by the protective film.
The presentation by the Galaxy S4 film remains untarnished by the crystal-clear optics of the display foil at your Samsung Galaxy S4.

The screen protector Galaxy S4 has a special scratch resistance and writing with a pen on a
Touchscreen can not harm the film.

The attachment of the Galaxy S4 protector is very easy to throw without bubbles.
The "Crystal Clear" screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S4 works repeatedly it can be repositioned by removing and plotted (note to the instructions supplied).

Protector Samsung Galaxy S 4 Screen Protector
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