8 x Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S3



8 x Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S3 - NOT Galaxy S3 mini

Particularly useful are the Crystal-Clear films for the Galaxy S III with a high resolution display!

The special thing about this display foil is the faithful reproduction of colors and razor-sharp writings by the protective film.
The appearance of your display remains untarnished by the crystal-clear optics of the display foil at your Samsung Galaxy S3.

The screen protector Crystal Clear has a special scratch resistance for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The attachment of the Samsung S3 screen protector is very easy.

NOTE: The optimal protector was measured on a Galaxy S3 and is deliberately small.
Background: The S III has an arched - not flat - screen. Therefore the film is intentionally smaller than the screen.
Optimum adhesion is only possible on flat surfaces.
The film would be - this would run to the edge - to replace this because it would slide along with stand high.
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