57 pieces Cake/Cookie Decorating Sugarcraft Cutters, smoothers & Plungers - Flower Leaf Shapes



An excellent set of 57 pieces of flower and similar shaped cake or cookie/biscuit cutters and plungers for decorating a selection of sugarpaste accessories for delicate sugarcraft workmanship.

Packed into a plastic bag.
Made of high quality plastic material moulded in quality assured premises and certified for baking use.
Comes in different shapes:A combination of products below there may be minor variances.
Heart: 3pcs (each size: 7mm 10mm and 13mm across)
Veined butterfly : 3pcs.( each size: 30mm 45mm and 60mm across)
Stars: 3pcs (each size: 7mm 10mm and 13mm across)
Daisy: 3pcs (each size: 13mm 22mm 28mm and 34mm across)
Veined rose leaf : 3pcs (each size 29mm 34mm and 43mm across)
Carnation cutters: 3pcs (each size: approx 20mm 35mm and 40mm across )
Blossom/Rose 5 Petal Flower cutters: 3pcs (size: approx 37 45 and and 50mm across )
Plum Blossom: 4pcs (40mm 35mm and 25mm across approx point to point)
Rose Blossom :4pcs (7mm 10mm 15mm and 25mm across.)
Sunflower: 3pcs. each size: 45mm (12 petals) 55mm (14 petals) and 70mm (16 petals)
Calla: 5pcs ( Dia: 51mm Height: 70mm)
heart shape cella: 1pc (approx 20mm x 78mm)
Maple Leaf: 3pcs (approx 45mm 35mm 25mm across )
Ivy: 2pcs (each size: 48mm x 13mm 30mm x 5mm)
FREE 8 piece modelling/cutting tool kit
FREE Rolling Pin
FREE smoother This item is custom manufactured for design team and has been hand picked for baking enthusiasts. Cake decorating has become fashionable and bakers can use these tools to create some amazing eye catching decorations.
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