Sugarcraft Clay Sculpting Cake, Pastry Decorator Gun - 19 Design Discs



An amazing set for cake decorating icing sugarcraft and much more.

Sugarcraft clay gun
19 interchangeable design discs
Can be used for sugarcraft marzipan molding clay crafting etc
Seperates for easy cleaning
Wash with hot soapy water Make some crazy designs for many different hobbies with this sugarcraft clay gun! The clay gun comes with 19 interchangeable discs each with a different design on. This handy little tool can be used for many different jobs such as sugarcraft marzipan molding clay crafting etc. The clay gun easily seperate into multiple pieces allowing easy cleaning. Wash with hot soapy water. Be sure when using materials such as clay to knead it until it is thin and or soft to ensure it passes through the gun easily. This product was hand picked by design team for baking lovers.
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