Magnifying Eye Glasses 20X Loupe Lens with LED Light for Repair/magnifying



Watch Repair Magnifier Glasses With 2 LED Lights and a 20x magnification power. Loupe are mounted on to a black eyeglass frame for hands free use and the   Loupe location is adjustable on the frame for your comfort . The b right LED bulb is adjustable to illuminate the viewing field.  These handy glasses are p erfect for installing & repairing cameras watches and other electronics. They are also applicable to huge range of industries such as the circuit board and printing industry medical science gardening coin and stamp production and collecting education geography science home and office. Low power consumption and easy to use eye flap. Uses High Quality lenses for extra sharpness and clarity.  Measurements:

size: 14.6 x 4 cm (LxH)
Lens diameter: 1.5 cm
Lens aperture: 4 cm
Color: Black
Weight: 70 g
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