10pcs Hard Plastic Credit Card Holder, Extra Protection for all ID and personal cards



When your cards are kept in these transparent card sleeves made of hard plastic are always well protected whether they are debit cards credit cards insurance cards membership cards driving licenses registration certificates or points cards...

The benefits are:
- The credit card cases protect your important and valuable cards from dust dirt or scratches.
- To ensure that your cards stay in long and reliable in use!
- Magnetic strips are very sensitive and can easily get damaged due to fine scratches and become defective.
- In the credit card sleeve your card is ideally protected against scratches.
- The cases are fit without any problems in your wallet
In a nutshell the sleeves provide optimum protection against damage and your cards are easily removed via the thmb slot.

10 piece transparent credit card cases to protect your cards
Finish: Hard film 0.40mm plasticizer-free high impact thermoforming quality
Quantity: 10 pcs per pack.
Format: 88.5 / 90 x 58 mm sealed on three sides a narrow side open with lateral thumb slot

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