Acrylic nail art 3D Design polish brush set - painting, dotting, Pen Tool



This is a 15 piece professional nail art brush set which can be used to paint designs on natural/false/acrylic or gel nails. These brushes come in all different shapes and sizes to allow painting of even the finest of detail. Ideal for beauticians or for home use. These brushes are of a high quality and extremely durable. They are Great for 3D art too. Features:

15 piece professional nail art brushes set
Can be used on natural nails or false nails
Suitable for blending side loading and fine finishes
Gets into tight areas  Package includes: 1 x Dotting Pen 2 x Liner Brush  7 x Painting Tools    3 x Drawing Tools  2 x Fan Brush for nail art effect (also can use as eye shadow brush)
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