10 Pieces Tailor Multicolor Cotton Stitching Sewing Thread Spools| Quality Threads, 10 x 500m, 100% Polyester



Quality yarn 10 x 500 m

100% Polyester
Quantity: 10 pieces.
Yardage: 500m
Various colors

Suitable for sewing machines W6
100% polyester

Quantity: 10
Yardage: 10x500m

We've selected the most in demand colours. Here is the list:
Colour: 4000 black
Colour: 2000 white
Colour: 0332 slate gray
Colour: 0779 light beige
Colour: 1224 Chocolate brown
Colour: 0247 green
Colour: 1303 sky
Colour: 0122 apricot
Colour: 0504 red
Colour: 0120 yellow

Note: please note the colours are within the scope of industry standard deviations.
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